We know there are some savvy homeowners out there that want to take on plumbing projects themselves. And power to you! But there are certain times when attempting to complete a project or repair on your own can be detrimental to your home. We’re going to let you know what jobs you can do yourself and what jobs are better left to a professional plumber.

Jobs You Can DIY

We aren’t going to sit here and say you should always call in a professional plumber to get any plumbing job done. Because that’s not true! There are quite a few things you can do without having to call in for help.

You can attempt to unclog your toilet with a plunger, and unclog your shower or sink drains with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar or a drain snake. Re-caulking your tub or shower is an easy DIY project for you to take on. Just remove the existing caulk, clean the area of any mold or mildew, and apply the new caulk. You can also replace showerheads and faucets yourself. Just turn off your water, unscrew and remove the fixture, place and screw in the new fixture, turn the water back on, and you’re good to go! Having trouble with your aerator? Unscrew the tip of your faucet and clean your mesh aerator screen to improve water flow. If the screen looks damaged or worn, take the aerator to the hardware store to buy a replacement.

Jobs Best Left to a Professional Plumber

DIY repairs can be quick and inexpensive. But the more complex plumbing repairs or installations should be left to professional plumbers. So when do you call in the pros? If you notice any dampness on walls, ceilings, or floors near pipes, have a plumber come to assess the situation. It could be a leak. While it might be minor, ignoring it can allow mold to grow in the walls and floors, creating a much bigger problem.

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, laundry, or bathroom, you’ll want a professional. They’ll make sure your current system can support new fixtures, and if it can’t, they’ll be able to update them.

Problems that need immediate attention, like broken or frozen pipes, sewage leaks or blockages, and hot water issues, will require help from the pros. Trying to fix them yourself could make the problem worse, and you don’t want to risk a flood or explosion.

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