While some clogs can be tackled with a drain snake or plunger, others need a stronger solution. That’s where hydro jetting comes in! This powerful drain-cleaning technique can handle even the toughest clogs. Learn more about this service and why it’s a game changer for drain cleaning.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro Jetting, also known as high-pressure water jetting, is a plumbing solution that cleans drains and sewer lines effectively. To more easily understand this process, think of it like pressure washing. Both tools use water under high pressure to clean messes and clear debris. However, pressure washers you can rent or purchase at a local hardware store use much less pressure. Plumbers often perform hydro jetting during drain cleaning jobs and before they do any sewer repair or replacement.

What is Hydro Jetting Good For

If you’re dealing with a stubborn clog, trust us when we say that this method is one of the best. It can clear your drains and pipes of:

  • Roots
  • Grease
  • Soap scum
  • Food waste
  • Mineral deposits
  • Much more

Whether you’re dealing with build-up from soap scum, hair, food bits, or other gunk, you can rely on drain jetting to completely clear your pipes. With hydro jet drain cleaning, your plumbing will get the deep clean it has been needing.

How Effective is Hydro Jetting?

A common question about drain jetting – how effective is it? The short answer: very effective. The long answer is this plumbing service is used for commercial and residential drains and pipes because of how well it works. The sheer force used ensures that drainage occurs and blockages are removed, all while also blasting away any residual waste and bacteria from the interior of your pipes. This service will keep your plumbing system moving and working cleanly and effectively.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

Let’s go over the benefits drain jetting provides and why you should hire a plumber to use it next time you’re experiencing a stubborn clog.

More Effective

The best benefit of hydro jetting is how truly effective it is. While chemical drain cleaners and snaking might work on smaller clogs, drain jetting will work for any clog you can find in your home’s plumbing system. From the kitchen to the bathroom, there’s nothing hydro jetting can’t clear out of your pipes with ease.

Not only does it remove the current, stubborn clog, but it also removes any residue left behind. This can include grease that can cause another clog and bacteria, which can lead to foul odors in your home. This service is designed to clear your pipes completely, so water can flow freely.

Eco Friendly

As we’ve mentioned before, chemical drain cleaners aren’t always the best option for your pipes and also for the environment. Hydro jetting, on the other hand, is safer on your pipes and eco-friendly by nature. While it does use a lot of water, it doesn’t require any type of chemical solution to clean. Just by using the power of water, this method effectively cleans your home’s plumbing system.

Non Invasive

Sometimes, pipe and drain cleaning services require a plumber to dig directly into a property to locate the clog. This isn’t the case with high-power water jetting! This solution proves to be an effective non-invasive plumbing method, eliminating the need to dig altogether. Plumbers can snake the cable and chain head device down into your pipes to get the unclogging process done easily and without much fuss.


Plumbing isn’t always the most sanitary. While the plumber will be handling the dirty work, sanitation is still essential. With traditional methods, there is a risk that debris and sewage can come into contact with your property or home’s water supply. The speed and effectiveness of drain jetting means that this chance is lowered as it pushes the clog and other debris away. This process also means there will be less time spent working on your home’s plumbing system.

Can Work as Preventative Maintenance

Regular hydro jetting can also serve as preventative maintenance for your plumbing system. Before potential clogs and blockages can build up and cause problems, this service will clear everything out of your pipes, which means reducing the risk of future plumbing emergencies.

Of course, this is not something you should do yourself. It may sound easy, but you could risk damaging your pipes and cause further plumbing issues for yourself (which means more expensive repairs or replacements). It’s essential to hire a professional plumber to come in and perform the service for you. They’ll have the right equipment and expertise to perform hydro jetting safely and effectively.

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If you’ve got drainage or pipe problems and think hydro jetting is the solution, our team is here to help you!

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If you’ve got drainage or pipe problems and think hydro jetting is the solution, our team is here to help you. Our professional plumbers will perform a thorough video inspection of your system to make sure that drain jetting is the best choice for your system. But no matter what, we will get your system working like new again in no time.

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