To keep your residential plumbing system in good shape, you need to be aware of the common threats it faces. Here are threats you should be on the lookout for.

Tree Roots

Tree roots can become a major threat to your residential plumbing, especially in your sewer or main water line. Even if there’s the smallest fissure in your sewer or main water line, tree roots will detect the water and minerals. That’s when the roots make their mark and grow to your line, eventually growing inside and creating a complete blockage in your pipe.

Tree roots can be cut out of your sewer or water line, but you need to catch them sooner rather than later, and you might not find this threat until it’s too late. If the roots have damaged the pipes too significantly, then the only solution to the problem is to replace your pipes.

Hard Water

Living in Arizona, we’re no strangers to hard water. Unfortunately for us, hard water is a threat to our plumbing systems, and not just something annoying we deal with on a daily basis.

Hard water is the name given to water with high concentrations of the minerals magnesium and calcium. While harmless to ingest, it can negatively impact your quality of life and endanger your plumbing system. Limescale is the remnants of hard water you may find in your home on your fixtures, but know that it’s also in your pipes and plumbing system, building up and hardening until it blocks water flow and starts corroding your pipes. Luckily, this is a threat that can solved by getting a water softener installed in your home.


No, we aren’t talking about the low-lying clouds. We’re talking about the acronym FOG – which stands for fat, oils, and grease. Many homeowners have no qualms about dumping these cooking byproducts down the drain of their kitchen sink when they’re done with them. And that’s where the threat to your residential plumbing system comes in. As these fats, oils, and grease cools in your drain, they harden. This means they will start sticking to the sides of the pipe walls, hardening and creating a stubborn clog.

Instead of sending FOG down the drain, either use paper towels to soak it up and dispose of it, or pour it into a disposable container (like a used pasta sauce jar) and dispose of it in your trash when it’s full.

Drain Cleaner

While clogs are a threat to your plumbing, what you can use to unclog them can be an even bigger threat.

When you utilize drain cleaner to clear out the clog in your drain, the potent chemicals in it can corrode and deteriorate the pipes and fixtures over time. These chemicals are designed to break down clogs and blockages, but they can also break down the pipes themselves. Not to mention, the chemicals can also harm the seals and joints connecting pipes, causing them to become loose or compromised. This can result in water damage to your home, requiring costly repairs and restoration. So, instead of relying on drain cleaner, try a manual method to remove your clog, or get a professional drain cleaning.

Small Leaks

While a small leak may be insignificant and forgettable, not taking it seriously means you’re setting yourself up for trouble in the future. These leaks may start small, but over time, they can worsen and result in more extensive damage to your plumbing system, meaning water damage, mold growth, and structural issues within your home. Small leaks can also harm your finances. Even though they may not be much, they can waste a substantial amount of water over time. This waste can increase your water bills significantly, adding unnecessary expenses to your budget.

If you notice any signs of leaks, no matter how small, call in your local plumbing experts to help address them before problems get out of hand.

Outdated Plumbing

How old is the plumbing in your home? It doesn’t have to be ancient to be outdated. Older plumbing systems use galvanized steel, and while durable, it’s subject to corrosion. This means you can easily find yourself facing leaks and loose plumbing connections, leading to significant water loss and high bills. Don’t just settle for your old pipes – have a plumber come out to inspect them and give you the best course of action to fix them.

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