Many people may not realize due to their busy lives, but their sewers go through extensive use day in and day out. The constant buildup of grease, hair, cleaning solutions, and laundry detergent can wreak havoc on your sewers lining not to mention those pesky root intrusions. And the next thing you know there is a backup and usually at the worst time. Whether it is a holiday, first thing in the morning when everyone is trying to get ready for their day or when you have guests staying with you. In any case it will shut you down and quick. We can help. We provide the following solutions to help keep you flowing and back up free.

Cable machines to clear your immediate problem

Specialized machines that employ a cable and chain head device to remove scale build up and debris from the interior sides, top, and bottom of your sewer lines called a descaling process High pressure water jetting machines that will not only remove the toughest of hard clogs but any root intrusion we encounter along with that bio film build up that collects everything that enters your sewer.

For those of you who may have never heard of Bio Film, it is the collection of bacteria and their waste caused by the different items we dispose of throughout the day to our drainage systems. While we can eliminate this bacteria when we clean our bathrooms and kitchens without the proper equipment and additives, the interior of our sewers is out of reach to the average homeowner. This is where we come in to help with our high-pressure cleaning of your sewage system.

High resolution sewer cameras that will show both our technicians and you, the home owner, exactly what we have found inside your sewer enabling both us and you to make an honest and practical decision on just how to move forward to correct any problem we may encounter – leaving you with an intact complete system going forward.


If we should have the unfortunate need to fix your sewer line because it may be beyond the normal maintenance, we can offer a few different methods to avoid digging up your yard completely and destroying any landscaping, Concrete sidewalks, or expensive pavers you have. Epoxy sewer lining, Epoxy coating and spot repair, or the bursting of the existing sewer line where we pull a new HDPE pipe in place of what was existing. Most homeowners may not be aware of these processes so we at City Plumbing Services will gladly sit down and explain the process and provide you with videos to better understand the application. While this method may not be for everyone, it may end up saving an awfully expensive landscape project or custom paver and concrete work.


City Plumbing Services, LLC takes our customers and their plumbing projects they hire us for very seriously. It’s important to our company to know you are happy with the work we have accomplished by the time we leave. Please take some time to read our real-customer testimonials below.

Bob and Mark with City Plumbing are excellent. They are professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and punctual. I would use no other plumbing company than City Plumbing. I give them a five star rating. They quote a price and stick to it. They take pride in their work and strive to meet the customer’s expectations. Bob is the owner and has many years experience. I highly recommend them.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff C., Arizona

Bob Bello is the best plumber I have work with in the twenty seven years I have been in business in the commercial and residential construction industry.

Louis Marzilli, Arizona

5 Stars!

Dan Brooks, Arizona

Best of the best. Honest, helpful, professional and friendly. Great value and rates!

John Nottingham, Scottsdale, AZ

Great response, highly recommend.

Roger S., Arizona

Friendly, on time and even noticed a problem with my water softener.

Kelly O., Arizona

Excellent service and fair price! I highly recommend City Plumbing Services.

Marcie B., Arizona

Great service and communication during the entire project!

Stacey/Christine O., Arizona

Nice, experienced, efficient! City Plumbing Services installed as quoted. I highly recommend this company.

Rhonda M., Arizona

I could not be happier. Fantastic work, very personable and professional. Highly recommend and will use in the future for any plumbing needs.

Joshua A., Arizona

Professional and quick service! Bob communicated well, responded quickly and got all our plumbing needs taken care of faster than expected. I would highly recommend them and plan to use them for all my plumbing needs.

Amber J., Arizona

Because of Bob Bello’s experience and talent, he was able to take a very challenging plumbing job and make it look easy. He is excellent at his job.

Janis K. G., Arizona

City Plumbing Services is on time, clean, and has excellent workmanship!

Jim C., Arizona


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