A broken disposal can be a major inconvenience, so knowing how to treat your garbage disposal right is important. Read on for a few dos and don’ts to follow so you keep your disposal working smoothly for many years.

Do Keep Your Garbage Disposal Clean

To ensure your garbage disposal works properly, it’s important to thoroughly clean it. Don’t wait for it to start smelling bad to give it a clean, either. Your garbage disposal is a useful tool that needs proper care and regular cleaning. To clean it, pour a little dish soap inside and let the disposal run for a minute with some cold water. Cold water is better to use than hot water because it helps the grease solidify and move down the drain more easily. If you notice a smell from your garbage disposal, drop about a dozen ice cubes down into the disposal and let it run for a minute. Using a sink auger can also help break up and remove whatever foodstuffs are caught and starting to stink.

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

We’re not talking about dish soap or other normal cleaners. Chemicals to avoid are harsh drain busters and industrial grade cleaners, like bleach. They can put excessive wear on your disposal and even the drain line. While they may do a great job at clearing away any clog in your disposal, they’ll continue to eat away at the metal inside, causing it to wear away and eventually break down.

Do Run Your Disposal Regularly

If you have a disposal, make sure it’s getting regular use. Frequent use prevents rust and corrosion. It also ensures all parts stay moving and prevents any obstructions from accumulating. It can help you detect when your garbage disposal isn’t working and needs repair too. The quicker you find an issue, the quicker you can get it fixed so it doesn’t disrupt your life!

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While your garbage disposal is an incredible tool, it shouldn’t be used as a substitute for your garbage can.

Don’t Put Everything Down There

Not everything goes down into your disposal. While it’s an incredible tool, it shouldn’t be used as a substitute for your garbage can. Here’s what you shouldn’t put down your garbage disposal:

  • Grease, oil, fat. These will slowly accumulate and impede your disposals grinding ability as well as cause drain clogs.
  • Eggshells. A common idea is that eggshells will sharpen disposal blades. We’re not sure where this theory started, but it’s not true.
  • Bones. Garbage disposals do a wonderful job of grinding up and disposing of food waste, but they aren’t made to deal with extremely hard items, like bones.
  • Expandable foods. Foods like pasta, rice, and even bread expand in water. If you put them in your disposal, they’ll do the same and cause jams and clogs.
  • Fibrous materials. Corn husks, celery stalks, artichokes, and onion skins can tangle up in your disposal’s motor and block the drain.
  • Glass, plastic, metal, and paper. It needs to be said – don’t put anything but (acceptable) food waste down your disposal!
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If you’re experiencing a problem with your disposal beyond a bad smell, we’ll take a look.

City Plumbing Services is Here to Take Care of Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal care is important to keep it running smoothly for as long as possible. If you’re experiencing a problem with your disposal beyond a bad smell, we’ll take a look. We can help clear a clog, repair your disposal, or install a new one for you. Contact us for reliable and professional plumbing services you can trust! We’re located in Cave Creek, but are ready to help those in Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Chandler, Surprise, and most of the East Valley of Arizona.

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