Dealing with frozen pipes might seem like a non-issue to those in Arizona, but it’s a real possibility and can quickly become a problem when the temperature takes a dip. Even if the temperature only drops a few days during winter, you will want to have proper protection for your exposed pipes. Dismissing this could lead to breaks or bursts, and that could cause thousands of dollars in damage. So, before it causes any headaches, here are a few things you can do to prevent your pipes from freezing.

Exposed pipes

Some pipes tend to freeze more often than others. Those particularly vulnerable are your exterior pipes, including your irrigation pipes or pipes leading to your swimming pool.

One way to prevent frozen pipes is to drain all the water out of them so there’s nothing in them to freeze. Turn the water off and allow the outside faucets to drip until they’re all emptied. Remember to turn off your sprinkler pop-ups so that they’ll be protected until warmer weather.

If you can’t drain your pipes, don’t worry, there are other ways to prevent them from freezing, like securing them. The best way to do this is to provide an extra layer of protection to your pipes through proper insulation. You can use foam or wrap insulation that you can get at your local hardware store.

Preserve Warmer Air

The pipes outside your house might be more prone to freezing, but they aren’t the only pipes to be concerned about. Pipes in your garage, kitchen, and bathroom cabinets should be taken into consideration as well.

Keep your garage door closed as much as possible during colder dips in the weather, so the cold air stays out and the warmth stays in. You can also expose warm air to your pipes in your kitchen and bathroom by opening up the cabinets and cupboards to help avoid any freezing.

Also, don’t feel the need to jack up your thermostat temperature for the sake of your pipes. It’s better for your pipes if you keep the thermostat around the temperature all day, every day. It could raise the price on your heating bill, but it’s a small price to pay to keep your pipes from bursting (which would be an even worse bill)!

Frozen Pipes

You did everything to prevent a frozen pipe, but it still happened anyway. Don’t panic.

Your first thought might be to try and thaw it out yourself, but we don’t suggest that. Why? There’s lots of room for error. If you do not begin the thawing process correctly or with the correct amount of heat, you can cause the pipe to heat too quickly and it can burst. And when using any heat source to help thaw a pipe, you run the risk of starting a fire.

If one of your pipes is frozen and you want to avoid damage, get a professional to handle your frozen pipes. They’ll be able to take care of the issue efficiently and you won’t have to worry about any other potential damage.

City Plumbing Services Can Help

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