Flushing the toilet isn’t expensive, but a clog certainly can be. A clogged toilet can put a serious dent in your wallet so keeping it clog-free is essential. Unfortunately, kids don’t understand how taxing clogs can be. If you’re facing toilet problems because of your kiddos, here are some ways to fix and avoid them.

The Culprit

Children, especially the younger ones, are fascinated by toilets. Who wouldn’t be curious about the swirly action of the water in the bowl? Especially when you can drop an item in, pull the lever, and watch it disappear! But however innocent action may be, you know that this fun can turn into a costly problem.

Regardless of what your child may think, the toilet isn’t for anything but water, toilet paper, and human waste. Anything else can cause a blockage. Here are a few of the most common things kiddos try to flush down the toilet:

  • Toys: blocks, toy cars, rubber duckies, dolls – if they got it, they might try to flush it.
  • Fish: If you’ve got a pet fish, children might try to rehome them.
  • Small kid playing with black and grey legos on a white table.

    Watch out for small toys. They can get stuck in the piping system and cause big problems.

    Food: You may think food is safe to flush but it’s not. Some foods, like rice, expand in water.

  • Jewelry: Missing a necklace? Might want to check in with your toddler to see if they tried cleaning it.
  • Extra toilet paper: Kids don’t understand how much toilet paper is the right amount. They also don’t understand that they shouldn’t drop the end of the toilet paper in the swirling bowl and watch the roll quickly unravel.
How to Handle Clogs

Depending on what went down, there are a few ways to handle a clog.

If there’s too much toilet paper, a plunger can be of help. Happen to see the object or toy in the toilet? You can just fish it out. If a toy or object is small enough, it can get flushed into the plumbing system. You don’t want to flush your toilet as it could cause the object to be pushed further down the drain. In this case, and for any major clogs, you’ll want to call in a professional to handle it.

How to Avoid Them in the Future

To prevent curious minds from creating more toilet problems, it’s best to keep the toilet closed. This is a simple solution, especially for smaller ones that can’t quite lift the toilet seat. But of course, kids get smarter, so a child toilet seat latch may be what you need. These plastic clips are affordable, easy to attach, and ensures the lid stays closed until you open it.

Another good way to avoid clogs is to have a talk with your little ones about the proper amount of paper products to use. Also, establishing a “no toys near the toilet” rule in your home can save you from calling a plumber and paying for him to fish out plastic action figures from the u-bend in the future.

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