Sometimes, our common bathroom activities can actually be causing damage to our bathroom plumbing. Here are a few common habits and how you can break them.

Long, Hot Showers

Long, hot showers are therapeutic, especially after a long day. But they can cause more problems than they can solve.

A hot shower creates a steamy and warm condition in your bathroom, and that can lead to mold development. But hot showers aren’t just bad for your bathroom – they can be bad for you as well. Frequent long, hot showers can be damaging to your skin, causing dryness and itchiness.

The best way to combat the growth of mold? Ensure your bathroom is properly ventilated. That typically means running your bathroom fan while you’re in the shower and for 20 minutes after you’re done. You can also open windows and doors to help remove moisture from the air. To help alleviate dry skin, it’s best to try and take shorter, hot showers or just use warm water instead.

Letting Hair Go Down the Drain

It sounds impossible to avoid. After all, you wash your hair, and naturally, some hair will fall out and get whisked down the drain. Good thing – there is a way to avoid this!

The reason you don’t want hair to go down the drain is because not only is it gross to step on, but it can create a detrimental buildup that clogs your pipes and create water buildup. Hair can accumulate in the drain, causing water drainage to go slower until the drain is completely blocked. But, as we said, there’s a solution. If you leave behind hair after you shower, the best way to combat this is to use a drain cover that catches the hair. It simply fits over your drain, and there’s no more worrying about clogging your pipes.

Flushing Objects That Shouldn’t be Flushed

This can seem like common sense, but there are many items out there that say they can be flushed but actually shouldn’t. A great example is “flushable” wipes. After all, it says right on the packaging they can be flushed. But just because they can be flushed doesn’t mean they won’t cause problems to your bathroom plumbing.

As opposed to toilet paper, which is designed to break down when flushed, wipes are made of materials that are difficult for your pipes to break down. These can make a mess out of your sewer system and pipes. So if you have to use them, we recommend just tossing them in the trash.

Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

While chemical drain cleaners sound like they’re helpful for defeating clogs, chemical drain cleaners are something you should steer clear of for your bathroom plumbing. While they do eat through clogs, they also eat through your pipes. Over time, the damage chemical drain cleaners inflict can lead to leaks and even completely burst pipes. Solving the short-term clog problem is not worth creating a much more serious problem further down the road.

Instead, we recommend plungers, snakes, or professional drain cleaning to get rid of clogs. Mechanical measures like snakes and hydro-jetting can clear away pipes safely and easily.

Leaving Water on the Floor

Although shower mats do a good job of collecting water, they aren’t a perfect solution. When we exit a shower, oftentimes, we leave some water behind. It seems like a normal thing, but it can actually cause significant problems.

We wouldn’t leave water resting on the floor of your kitchen, so why our bathroom? When you leave resting water on any flooring, it can create mold, warp floors, and damage grout lines. The best solution is to dry up water on the floor with a separate towel after you’re done showering. Do this, and you’ll thank yourself later.

Disregarding Hard Water Buildup

You’re no stranger to hard water if you live in Arizona. But ignoring the hard water and you could be doing more harm than good to your bathroom plumbing. Hard water can cause damage to your hair, skin, fixtures, and pipes. If you notice hard water buildup around your shower and sink, you can either use shampoo or vinegar to remove it and help your fixtures run better. That can be a good short-term solution, but if you’re looking for long-term solutions, we recommend installing a water-softening system in your home.

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