One of the biggest enemies of your bathroom is mold. To help prevent mold in your bathroom, here are some helpful tips!

Health Issues Caused by Mold in Your Bathroom

Mold may not seem serious, but take it from us, it can be. Mold can cause eye, skin, nose, throat, and lung irritation if you don’t take care of it. If you have allergies or asthma, it can cause even more issues and possibly give you a serious infection. Don’t let the mold in your bathroom get this bad! Take our tips to avoid having this issue at all.

Ensure Air Circulation

Proper bathroom ventilation makes more of a difference than you think. Steamy showers and warm baths leave behind lots of condensation. That condensation can help facilitate a mold breeding ground. So be sure you put your air vents to good use. Air vents help to reduce the amount of moisture in your bathroom keeping it free from mold. Exhaust fans are even better as they pull the moisture out of the room and force it outside through an exhaust vent. No matter what ventilation system you have, be sure to turn it on before you begin your hot shower or bath. And if your fans aren’t very powerful? Crack open the door and let some of that steam out. Cooler air from elsewhere in the home can come in and help as well.

A close up of a glass shower door with a silver knob in a white bathroom.

Keeping a squeegee in your shower is also a great way to prevent mold growth.

Keep Up with Cleaning

Cleaning your bathroom regularly will also help to combat mold in your bathroom. While mold may be persistent, it can be cleaned easily with most household cleaners. Take some time to scrub everywhere in your bathroom, especially hard-to-reach areas. After you clean, dry everything thoroughly. Bleach-based fluids are best, but if you can’t handle the overpowering smell, white vinegar is a natural disinfectant and works well for cleaning bathroom surfaces. Keeping a squeegee in your shower is also a great way to remove the excess water on the walls. Not only will it help prevent mold growth on the walls, but it will reduce soap scum and water spots as well!

Check the Tile Grout

Be sure to check the tile and grout in your bathroom. Although grout is commonly used in bathrooms, it can rapidly degrade if you aren’t careful. Cracks in grout can be an invitation for mold to take root. Make sure you inspect your grout ever so often for cracks. If you notice cracking or breaking, patch it up as soon as possible.

Fix Any Leaks
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The number one source of mold in the bathroom is leaky plumbing. So make sure you keep a close eye on your plumbing. Look out for any leaks around the bottom of your toilet, around your shower, under your sink, and on the floor. Even a small leak can be the perfect opportunity for mold to take over. If you find a leak, call a trusted plumber like us at City Plumbing Services to help you out. By inspecting your plumbing regularly, you can call us to stop leaks quickly, which will save you money on water loss and prevent mold from infesting your bathroom.

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