Commercial drain cleaning is one of the most important preventative plumbing maintenance steps you should schedule. Read on to find out why and how a drain cleaning can help you and your restaurant.

Drain Cleaning is a Must

It’s common for lots of grease and food scraps to go down the drain in restaurants, even if employees are trained on proper waste disposal methods. Grease and animal fats are mostly solid at room temperature and can go from a liquid to a solid-state pretty quickly. When fats and oils go down restaurant drains, they enter a cold environment and solidify fast. Since the grease and oil pile up over time, it almost guarantees the development of a clog. This can cause wastewater to back up into the kitchen through the sink or floor drains. Something like this would mean a shutdown of the restaurant kitchen which would have an extremely negative effect on you and your business.

If you’re thinking of cleaning your drains yourself, please, rethink that plan. Commercial drain cleaning isn’t for DIYers, as doing it yourself can cause serious damage to your plumbing. Using chemical-laden drain cleaners can increase corrosion in your pipes, which allow holes and crack to form more easily. Not only are they bad for your pipes, but the fumes from the cleaners can cause extreme health issues to any employees who might handle the cleaning solutions. If you need a commercial drain cleaning, contact a professional to take care of it for you the right way.

Benefits of Commercial Drain Cleaning:

Clears Debris Away

Hydro jetting uses a high-pressure flow of water with a special nozzle at the end of the hose to remove scale, grease, and debris that collects in your pipes over time. The intense power of extreme water pressure will clear up even the most difficult clogs and blockages. By thoroughly cleaning your drains, you clear the built-up waste away to allow your restaurant better water flow.

Detects Plumbing Problems

Clogs and blockages in your drains can not only be a hassle to deal with, but they can hide other issues hiding in your plumbing. When your pipes are completely clear of grease and clogs, a professional plumber can perform an inspection and see any plumbing problems within your system.

Prevents Plumbing Failure

Hydro jetting isn’t just a solution to a drain or pipe problem. It can be used as a preventative measure to keep your restaurant running smoothly every day. For preventative help, schedule maintenance annually. This will help you prevent making an emergency call to a plumber because of a clog or line blockage.

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